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Are you looking for efficient andreliable handyman servicein Singapore to solve your home or commercial problems? Our quality handiworkwill keep your resident comfier, more secure, and precious.

Whether you need handyman service Singaporefor your home or office, you can count on our handymen for plumbing, painting,painting, furniture assembly, locksmith, water heater, carpentry, or electricalwork.If you'd like to renovate your office, home, orkitchen anywhere in Singapore, call AZ Movers today!

AZ Movers —Best Handyman Service Provider

Have you ever wonder about thisquestion: which company provides the best handyman services in my area? AZ Movers can giveyou the best handymanservice Singapore.

Why are AZ Movers & Traders best?

We Are Available Each Day:

The Handyman department providesservices Monday through Sunday. No off day! Hence, you can contact us on anyday during our office hours. We are ready to give you the best handyman service in Singapore.

Expert In His Field:

Team members in each of ourspecific fields have extensive experience. We will send our best expert to dealwith your issue in the best manner.

Workmanship Of High Quality:

We don't believe in big talks. Instead,we will show our clients who we are through our service. Our craft of highquality will tell you why you our handyman service Singapore.

A Commitment To Integrity:

Providing quality service to ourcustomers is what we are recognized for. We give no compromise in our quality,no matter how small the job is. No one can come as close as we are to providinga reliable handymanservice in Singapore. 

Budget-friendly Price:

We always thrive to providequality handyman servicesat affordable rates Singapore. Therefore, you don't empty your pocket toget our valuable service.

Trustworthy CustomerService:

You may already have severalquestions about our handymanservice Singapore. Our comprehensive customer service is always therefor you to give accurate feedback for your confusing queries.

Our Mission

As part of our mission, we are always committed to providing the best handyman services ataffordable rates Singapore for residential and domestic houses.

Our Vision

We thrive in offer 5-star qualityservice in a wide range of options without compromising the quality. Ourdedicated experts have years of experience in dealing with real-life cases.

Types of Handyman Services AZ Movers Provides

Whether you have just broken aglass window or are in need of replacing your old curtains, we are experts indealing with all of them. You can also make a list, which things you wish torepair and replace. Within one or two visits, we can deal with the problem.From our best handymanwebsites, you can learn the type of services we provide.


We provide a wide range of installation,replacement, or repair services for pipes, toilet bowls, showers, taps, andkitchen sinks.


We offer a wide range of installation, replacement, orrepair services for light, fan, air conditioner, power trip, socket, and doorbell switch.


AZ Movers offers emergencylockouts, replacing locks, broken key extraction, lock installation, andunlocking services.

Water Heater:

Whether you have landed house or HBD, or condo, we canrepair/replace/install different types of water heaters.

TV Bracket Installation:

Installation of TV mounts issomething we do professionally for both commercial and residential customers.

Drilling Service:

Not everyone can handle the task ofdrilling, whether it is for residential or commercial purposes. Because manyprecise works needed to be done, which can be only possible with professionalhands. Let AZ Movers handle the drilling job as all thing we need is on hand.


Painting can be considered amessy task as many things need to be managed while painting your home orcommercial space. Besides, doing the painting job in the right manner is moreimportant as you want the paint to be long-lasting. A top-notch quality paintingservice is available at the best competitive price from AZ Movers.

Furniture Assembly:

We provide furniture assemblyservice for chairs, tables, shelves, cupboards, wardrobes, etc.

Waterproofing Service:

It takes many years for leaks to appearfrom the floor or ceiling. Unfortunately, most people neither know how to dealwith these leakage issues professionally nor have waterproof tools andequipment. So just allow us to resolve your floor or wall leakage issues.

Tile Replacement:

It is common to replace or repair servicefor your tiles or wooden after ten years or even earlier. Replacement tiles mayneed to be purchased if you do not have extras. However, unless you areprofessional, you can't take care of these replacement tasks skillfully withthe right tools. Let AZ Movers handle the tile job quickly for you.

Carpet Repair And Installation:

At first glance, it may look simple toinstall or repair your carpet in houses or commercial spaces. But it isactually needed craftsmanship to similar setup the mat in each corner withoutmaking any mischief. AZ Movers will do all the handwork to perfect set up thecarpet in your space without giving you a chance to complain.

Roof Repair:

Repairing roofs is a little bit riskytask. You may face unwanted situations or injuries if you don't solve them withprofessional service. AZ Movers will check out your roof type and suggest you apossible repair for it. We will also measure the risk and take enough safeguardsto stop it. Hence, we will provide you the optimal safety to repair your roofwith the best handy tools and equipment.


Best Handyman Services Near Me

AZ Movers is known as the best handyman service providerin Singapore. Whether you want general handyman service or premium-quality handyman services Singapore,we can fulfill all.

How our handymanservice Singapore works?

Contact With Us:

Our online handyman services are easily accessiblewithout making you wait. You can call us or email us about a particular servicewe offer; we will give you all information in detail. As per your freeschedule, we can go for a meet-up at your home to inspect the type of serviceyou want from us.

On-Site Visit:

Once you confirm the type of handymanservice you want, we will reach your mentioned address with our experts and allthe necessary tools that are required.

Providing The Service:

After evaluating your servicerequirement, we will start working right away. We will handle everything tomake your life easy and hassle-free. So, we will take care of all the odd jobswithout pressuring you.

Complete Service:

After completing all the odd jobsefficiently and successfully with the help of our experts, we will let youenjoy your things the way you want.

Why is AZ Movers best Handyman services Singapore for your homeimprovements?

We Keep Every Important Tool:

No matter how expert you are, youcan't do the job properly and efficiently if you don't have the right tools.That's why we always carry all essential equipment and tools with us.Therefore, we don't give you scope to hire additional services to increase yourcost. We are a cost saver!

We Are Flexible And Convenient:

Customers always have access tous, whether it is on public holidays or weekends. Therefore, you have no reasonto stand in a line or wait for days to get our service. One simple call isenough to meet up emergency requirements.

Fast & Hassle-free Online Booking:

You can also reach us through ouronline handyman services. Some clients may be so busy they merely get time tomake a phone call. We have user-friendly built-in software, which is set up onour website for a super fast and straightforward booking system—all you need tofill up a form to get our handymanservices Singapore.

Experienced & Professional Staffs:

Giving cheap handyman services is not what we areknown for. Instead, our professional staffs have several years of experience,and they aim to gain a thorough insight into your exact needs. With our expertise, we willdeliver spectacular results at the right time and the right price. So you have noreason to panic as our team of experts will cover all odd job handymen withtheir skills and real-life experience.

Enhance Protection:

We always give priority tosafety. No matter how small and simple handyman services in Singapore weprovide, we always keep protective gear to ensure optimum protection forclients and ourselves. We value every moment, which is why we try tosolve our client's problems as fast as possible. In addition, they are courteousand amiable and will give some bonus suggestions to take care of your thingsthe best way.

Points Should be Noted before Choosing a Handyman Service Singapore

While looking at many online handyman services,you may become confused and ask yourself, "Which company offers reliable handyman services in my area?"Here are the few crucial points you want to add while choosing the best handyman service provider.

Work Experience:

The more work you do, the more expert you become in that particularfield. Try to choose a company with several years of experience and make surethey are well-aware of their services.


You can identify authentication if thecompany has a license or not. Hence, they don't have the probability of being afraud. Most importantly, you will be worry-free as you know they are adequatelytested to ensure suitability for the job.

Covered By Insurance:

We always want to give themaximum protection we are affording to do. Try to choose a company which iscovered by insurance. As a result, if anything happens unwillingly in yourhome, you will be backed up bythe insurance company. You will have peace of mind while the company is doing itsown job.

Handyman Services Near Me:

When you choose a handyman service in Singaporenear your area, they can provide you instant service. So you will have minimaldamage in case you need urgent repair or replacement service. In addition, the handyman service provider may need to go back to theiroffice to bring additional tools or take any help. In that case, a local handyman service providerwill be the best option to choose

Warranty Period:

What if a reputed companyprovided you a handyman service, and they didn't even last for weeks? In thatcase, the warranty period will be the best backup, and their service will alsoearn reliability. So, make sure quality works have a reasonable warrantyperiod.

Their Popularity:

When choosing general handyman servicesin your local area, try to find out how well known they are. Just because theyhave immense popularity doesn't mean they offer high-priced service. Instead,they will offer competitive price options if several companies are available inthat area. Also, make sure they have outstanding customer service to fulfilltheir customers' demands.

Handyman Service Reviews:

It is essential to check out whatother customers say about a particular company's service. For example, you cango through some handymanservice reviews to learn how much satisfaction they provided for theircustomers.

Do some handwork by hovering inthe online and some besthandyman websites to find the most reliable one for you. You can comparetheir quality service with others to check out which one deserves yourcall.  

Payment System & Policy:

Different company has differentpayment system and policy. Some may want you to complete a 50% payment inadvance, while some may take the total amount after giving their full service.Choose a particular one that seems more reliable and convenient for you.

Handyman Service Reviews:

Here we are mentioning somereviews of our customers, which were over-thrilled and fully satisfied with ourquality services.

"Perhaps I have made one of the finest decisions by gettingquality service from AZ Movers. They have a full team of experts who are fastand efficient. They had taken care of my home hassles easily without letting medoing anything. I am truly happy to get such top-notch service from them."Rosie Bella.

"I have recently bought some new furniture in ourhouse. AZ Movers helped me to assemble them properly at an affordable price.Really satisfied with their service; I will call them again if necessary."Jo Potter.

"A few days ago, I have mistakenlyleft my room keys inside the house. I called AZ Movers and got their instantfeedbacks as they come to my flat within an hour. They helped me to unlock mydoor without damaging the door lock. I will surely recommend anyone who wantsquality and fast handyman services in Singapore."YOSEF BOGATYREV.

Best Fast & Affordable Home Maintenance Services NearMe

Our handyman services are amongthe best in Singapore at AZ Movers Singapore. We guarantee to deliver genuineworkmanship from our highly experienced handyman team. Any other company on themarket cannot beat our ability to reach you quickly and get the job done.

Plus, the cost of our services will not be unreasonable.Many companies are available to provide you cheaphandyman services within 24 hours. However, they often charge highrates, which you may not afford. We understand you are looking for a quick andaffordable handymanservice in Singapore.

In that case, AZ Movers is thebest option as per your requirement. So next time, you don't need to askyourself this question: which company can provide reliable home maintenance services nearme?



Providing professional handyman services Singaporein various forms for residential and commercial purposes is what we do. Withsome of the world's best experts at our handyman service in Singapore, we deserve the nameof "handyman-experts."

Our service is always above and beyond toensure that our customers are totally satisfied at every single turn. Ourcommitment to excellence is unwavering. You will be happy to learn that ourteam is constantly training to provide the best service to our customers. AZMovers also takes every measure to ensure that our customers receive the finestvalue from our service.

To contact us directly, you canemail us or call our phone number. In addition, you can chat with us from ourwebsite as we provide onlinehandyman services. No matter what type of question you have regardingour service, we are always ready to reply to your queries.

 Also, we will give the valuable advice thatyou need for your home or office. So, get your household problems resolvedtoday by contacting us. Our team can't wait to give you the best handyman service in Singaporeyou are craving for!