Get The Most Reliable & Hassle Free Movers in Singapore

Get The Most Reliable & Hassle Free Movers in Singapore

So you want to relocate your house or your office but you get Goosebumps as you think about the moving services. Let’s face it, the lack of professionalism and punctuality of typical movers in Singapore will make you want to pull your hair.


You want a Moving Service that will not only tell you ‘Your items are in safe hands’ but also they’ll act upon it.  Well, guess what? AZ Movers will never let you down.


Our team has been in the relocation field for 15 of years and with our certified team members, we’ve been dealing with customers around the globe. We try our best to keep it professional and with us, you won’t have to bat an eye about anything.

Residential Moving


When it’s the call from the Locals, we’re the ones who respond fast. Doesn’t matter if it’s all the way from Jurong to distant places like Tampines or if you’re going from Tiong Bahru to places like Woodlands, when it’s about residential relocation, we cover all over Singapore.


Look, No Hands!


You say it, we do it! That’s how we roll. We will reach your location and you’ll just have to tell us which item you want us to port. That’s it! Our team will handle the rest of the work for you. You take a chill pill.


Professionalism at Its Best


Remember the scratches on your furniture? What about the dent on your fridge? This is what you’ll get from typical movers in Singapore. With AZ movers around you, that bummer is about to end.


We’ll not only handle your items with care, but we’ll also PROTECT IT. Thanks to our certified movers and packers, your furniture will be wrapped professionally. The best part? We’ll help you relocate to your new place just on time.


Damaged Goods/Missing Items


Shit Happens! You can’t really help it sometimes. Mainstream moving services have one common problem. If they damage or lose one of your items, they’ll just keep their lips zipped. What’s worse, you won’t even find them anytime soon even if you find something went missing.


That’s not going to happen with AZ Movers. First off, we take notes on everything. This includes listing the items you’re moving, let them be as small as a nut. However, even after all these precautions, if you face any accident, we’ll give you all the support we have. Just call us and we’ll respond to you whether it’s pre-sale or post-sale hours.




Your satisfaction is what we think of. That’s why we’ll check up on you after giving you the service and take your feedback on it.


Local Office Moving

We know it’s not easy to move your office. All those files, documents, shelves, tables and chairs, you might want to pull your hairs when you think about shifting them to a different place. Well, with AZ movers everything will be easy as a snap.


We don’t guarantee that you won’t face any productivity losses, because you will. However, what we can guarantee is, we’ll minimize the loss for you.


The Right Plan and the Right Tool


Since we’re talking about the office, it’s not as easy as relocating your house. So, you need proper planning first.


Our highly trained movers will set their priorities first. They’ll shift your most essential items first and fast to the new location. This will allow you to set your office just like that and you’ll be able to start working with your employees while our team keeps setting up the rest of the things for you.


Fast And Easy


Now, the duration of the whole shifting thing depends on the service you’re taking, the work we’re going to perform and the number of items we’ll need to deal with. However, what we can ensure you is a faster and easier moving experience compared to typical movers out there.


Your Documents and Files are Safe With Us


Official works can have confidential stuff, and we know it. Our movers will keep the lists of your documents and files separately and they’ll keep them separate as well. If you want us to store your documents and files according to your own needs, we can arrange that as well.

Storage and Disposal


Whether you want us to relocate you to a new place or not, if you want to store your items on a short-term or long-term deal, we’re game. We provide storage solutions that will suit your requirement. Now it’s completely your call if you want to store your items to us for a day or months.


Besides storing, we’ll help you disposing of stuff as well. All you need to do is ask for it. AZ Movers will get rid of hard-to-dispose items just like that.


Your Security, Our Headache


Doesn’t matter if the item is small, medium or large. In fact, it won’t be much of a problem if you need to store tons of items. Our team will provide boxes and cartons where you can keep your things. If you want, we can pack your property using wooden framing, steel rack and pallets. Next, we’ll wrap them for you.


Once they’re wrapped, we’ll keep your items in our warehouse. No worries, there’s no way some thief will come out of the blue to steal them. We have CCTV monitoring and duty officers for 24 hours support.


Getting Rid of Things Easily


Want to dispose of items but you don’t know how you’ll do that? Say your worries goodbye as we’ve got your back. AZ Movers will help you get rid of unwanted items like magic. We know government-approved sites where we can dispose of your things properly; it doesn’t matter if the item is small or big.


International Moving


AZ Movers’ vision wasn’t just to grow inside Singapore. Rather our motto was to go global. And we’ve been doing that since 2015. We successfully moved hundreds, if not thousands of offices, houses (not literally the whole house), furniture, IT equipment, documents, you name it.


You Decide, We Send


We’ll give you the options whether you want us to relocate your items by land, sea or air.  Yes, we’ve got connections everywhere and this allows us to shift your office or your home almost anywhere around the world.


As you move out of Singapore, we’ll pack all the items for you every bit by bit. Our team will disassemble your furniture for you as well.


Once you get to your new place, we’ll reinstall your furniture just like they were. Don’t worry about the dust, molds and mildews. We’ll give you a complete cleaning and maintenance service.


Custom Handling


During the whole process, if you think you want us to handle your things in a different way, we’re ready to abide by it. Let’s say, for example, you want us to put your items in a wooden box, rather than putting them in a carton, we’ll say ‘Fair Enough!’ Meaning, it’s your way all the way.


Handyman Service


Whether you’re moving your house or your office, you’ll feel the need of handyman services.  We, AZ Movers do not only move your things but if it needs, we provide you handyman service as well.


Trained Handymen


Our movers are not our handymen. We know their differences and to make sure one of our team can carry out all the handymen service while the other can keep moving your things, we’ve kept the division.


Painting your room, fixing a deck, fixing water leaks, plumbing, caulking, carpentry, gardening, you name it, our team can solve your problem on the go. So whenever you’re shifting to someplace, you’ll always get the professional touch in that environment even if it doesn’t have one.


Our Handymen Services Include

  • ·        Painting
  • ·        Installing Hardwood Flooring
  • ·        Plumbing
  • ·        Taking Care of All Electrical Issues
  • ·        Insulation
  • ·        Gardening
  • ·        Carpentry
  • ·        Caulking
  • ·        Installing Large Mirrors, Light Fixtures, Artworks
  • ·        Repairing Drywall
  • ·        Making your Indoor and Outdoor Weatherproof
  • ·        Marble and Wooden Polishing Service
  • ·        Air Con Service


Let’s Talk!


You don’t have to try us to talk to us. It’s free and on the house.  Plus, simply reading about us won’t give you the big picture; we get it. That’s why our team is always ready to talk to you whenever you call.


While other operators from typical movers in Singapore will make you feel like they just want to hang up on you, our operators play the game differently.


The members from our call center service will help you up with all the information you need, even if you ask them hundreds of questions; because that’s what they are there for.


As for us, we’ll make sure once you book us, we’ll reach you on time and finish your work on time. When you’ll take our service, you and only you will be our prime concern.