Highest Quality Parquet Polishing With Affordable Pricing:

We leverage our extensive experience and knowledge in parquet polishing to deliver you impeccable quality and value at an excellent price. Regardless of the property, we can remove scratches, damages, gaps, and dirt in the parquet. Restores the parquet's original shine and wonders, instantly uplifting the atmosphere within your property. Our proprietary polishing methods allow you to settle on between matt, semi-gloss, and gloss finish to perfectly match your required outcome.

Beautiful, High-Quality Results

Our top of the road equipment and parquet polishing techniques can restore your flooring's original beauty and shine, elevating the mood within your home.

Highly Competitive Rates

Due to the unique proprietary systems that we've developed since our inception, only a few competitors are ready to offer similar results at such an excellent price.

Experienced Professionals

Our parquet polishing specialists have many satisfied customers in our portfolio through diligence and dedication to providing quality service.

Customized Polishing Solutions

As no two of our customers are alike, we carefully plan each job, ensuring we fully understand your desired outcome before any work begins to ensure your satisfaction.

Why Our Parquet Polishing

Our parquet polishing and restoration requires six steps to make sure the optimal results we are known to deliver, including dust-free sanding, advantage sanding, good sanding, space closing, polishing as well as varnishing. Our company employs the latest types of equipment and technologies in our services to bring you results that are difficult to find elsewhere.

Despite all the advantages we offer, we are ready to offer extremely competitive pricing on all our services thanks to our efficient corporate infrastructure. If you've got any queries regarding our parquet polishing services for your home, be happy to urge in-tuned with us through phone or email anytime.

Alpha Zenith Parquet Floor Polishing

One Bedroom = $250 (clear matte)

Two Bedrooms = $450 (clear matte)

Three Bedrooms = $600 (clear matte)


Alpha Zenith Processes include

Grinding & sanding the existing floors to the raw surface condition

Filling any gaps between parquet strips

Application of melamine to parquet flooring to revive its shine varnish application

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