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Why choose AZ Movers & Traders for floor polishing service Singapore?

Keeps your marble looking like new for a long time with the help of our professional marble floor cleaning services. You can trust us to take care of your floors because our service is top-notch. We‌ ‌can restore your marble floor to its original condition with our skills and technology.

Let us restore, polish, and clean your marble for you!

Why are we the best tiles polishing service in Singapore?

·      Our technicians are highly skilled in this field with several years of experience.

·      Our expertise can benefit any homeowner or business.

·      All of Singapore is covered by our service.

·      We have the correct type of polishing solutions to bring its original appearance.

·      Signing up for our service is not necessary.

·      No hidden charges will be applied.

·      We have top-notch materials and all the essentials equipment for perfect floor cleaning.

Affordable Floor Polishing Service Price

Not everyone can offer shockingly affordable prices like us. But we ensure the highest Quality at No Compromise! Our floor pricing service price is relatively low compared to other marble floor polishers in Singapore. Additionally, we can save many overhead costs because our operations are systematic and straightforward. Our‌ ‌competitively low prices are a reflection of those savings. For spot repairs, prices begin at $200 and $450 for dining or living room. Plus, we have different pricing plans for marble polishing if your room is more than 450 square feet.

A Review Of The Factors Influencing Floor Polishing Service Price

Marble Types  

Homeowners are often fond of natural stone flooring. The size, shape, tone, and color of marble stones can be chosen to suit the preferences and needs of anything.

Types of Polishing Solution Used
Your marble flooring can retain a shine for a long time with the right and practical solutions. The floor will remain visually appealing if adequately maintained.
Periodic Polishing of The‌ ‌Floor

Marble floors usually require regular polishing and sealing to keep their appearance for as long as possible. If you didn't get any professional marble polishing service in Singapore, the cost of marble polishing would increase due to not polishing it regularly.


Current Condition of Your Marble Floor

Marble polishing costs in Singapore are heavily affected by the present condition of your marble that will‌ ‌be‌ ‌polished. No doubt, floors made from marble are renowned for their durability. However, as the amount of foot traffic on it increases, it can become stained and damaged.

The Marble's Smoothness

If excessive foot traffic damages the marble, it may need to be polished more frequently. It's a good idea to check the status of your marble floor in Singapore before calling upon a marble floor polisher.

Floor Size

According to estimates, marble polishing in Singapore can cost between $1.22 and $4.80 per square foot. Nevertheless, the price depends on where the professionals will polish the area.

Sealing Of The Floor

Sealing your marble floor during routine maintenance can improve stain resistance. It is because as it absorbs moisture, it helps to prevent stains. For a floor to last a long time, 60-70% of the floor area must be sealed by a Singapore floor cleaning service. Coastal cities' humid environments can negatively affect the shine of natural stones. If marble floors are sealed, they can stay attractive for a long time and be durable as well.

How We Do Our Work for Any Tiles Polishing Service

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The Original Look

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