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AZ Movers is always committed to providing the finest quality moving services in Singapore. We treat your every valuable item professionally, and our professional team has the required skills to move them ideally as per your need. Moving a piano doesn't appear an easy-peasy job. You need to follow a complete procedure step-by-step to move them from your current location new location. AZ Movers is one of the renowned piano movers in Singapore.

We follow our sophisticated techniques to move pianos safely and quickly. Additionally, we have both expert piano movers and advanced equipment to make the piano task smooth and hassle-free.

AZ Movers & Traders | Professional Piano Movers Singapore

You may not have a successful piano relocation experience unless you hire professional piano movers Singapore. Different types of risks are associated with the piano's moving, such as scratching the surface or even breaking the piano legs. That's why taking a professional piano relocation service is the best solution. You won't have to worry about damaging the musical instrument while moving them smoothly and quickly. AZ Movers has a unique team who only does the job of moving pianos. It means you will get the best service from the best workers. Additionally, our Singapore house movers are trained adequately to handle all types and various sizes of pianos.

Piano Disposal

Many old pianos include high-quality woods that you can utilize for other purposes. Apart from that, they feature metal parts, cast iron plates, and ivories, which you could sell. Thinking of disposal your old piano? AZ Movers can perform the task of disposing of your piano in your desired place. We will do it effectively.

Piano Relocation

Moving a piano from one area to another requires you to take some preparation. Complete the task before hiring professional piano movers is a rule of thumb. It will save from facing unnecessary hassles while making the moving task faster for piano movers.

Efficient Piano Moving Service Singapore

 The way a professional piano mover moves your piano up and down in the staircase won't be as exact as typical people do. It requires a lot of practice to master the piano moving techniques with several years of experience.

Piano Storage

Are you looking for a convenient space to store your piano temporarily? In such a scenario, AZ Movers is a reliable name to safely keep your things as long as you want in our personally owned warehouse. We have all the facilities to store various types of piano from most minor to the largest one. Whether you own Grand, Upright, and Electronic piano, our experts can keep them safely in our warehouse.

How do Our Piano Moving Services work?

We aim to help our customers with the most cost-effective approach possible. Whether for piano moving or any other moving services in Singapore, we thrive for the best.

Step 1 —Do a Free Quotation

We have developed a customer-friendly platform on our website for a hassle-free quotation. You just include the type of piano you have; it's some latest pictures and the dimensions of it. If you think any extra information would benefit both parties, please include them too. After receiving the information on our website, we will try to contact you at your mentioned email address or phone number.

Step 2 —Preparation for Moving 

Our dedicated team will contact you. They may ask for some extra information to make everything straightforward. After that, we will send an expert team to check out your piano. They will observe the piano to suggest to you the best way to move it. Using the dimensions of the room, the stairs, and the door, we ensure the piano will arrive in its new home without any obstructions. In addition, they will mention the total cost you will incur for the whole moving journey.

Once you agree to move your piano with the help of AZ Piano Movers, we will go for paperwork and request you sign on paper. Our team will plan how they will move the piano from your current house to the new house. Also, they will mention the moving date. We are always committed to moving your items on the promised at the right time. But some unavoidable circumstances may arise, which we don't have any control over.

Step 3 —Moving the Piano 

Our piano movers will come to your house and pack the instrument carefully to ensure maximum safety on the mentioned day. We will go for extra packing for some piano parts, which seem delicate and prone to damage. Then, our experienced workers will carry them to our personally owned vehicle. You don't have to worry as they know the correct technique on how to load the piano on the vehicle. Afterward, we will take transport the piano to your mentioned location. We will assist you until you set them up in your new room.


It is common for most pianos no lose the pre-set tune after moving it to the new location. Our expert team will retune your musical instrument the same as before. You will get the perfect tune you want.

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