All parties to this agreement are bound by these terms and conditions we are going to mention below. We refer to the Customer as 'you' or 'your' when we use these terms. The Mover is referred to as "We," "Us," or "Our." Before changing or modify any terms and conditions, written consent is necessary.

A limit or exclusion of Company liability for loss and damage is contained within the clauses Damage to merchandise, Damage to equipment, and Damage to property other than merchandise.

To protect the Client's property or goods, the Company recommends that the Client obtain insurance. Customers may request the Company to arrange insurance on their behalf. If customers allow the Company to handle the purchase of insurance, this contract will not include insurance.

1. Our Quotation

Please note that our quote, if not otherwise specified, does not cover insurance, deletion/ suspension exemptions, or any charges or taxes owing to government authorities or agencies.

We issue Quotations within twenty-eight days of issuance. Extra charges will apply in the following scenarios unless already included in Our Quotation:

·         If work doesn't begin within 28 days of agreement;

·         You have been quoted a price that includes re-delivery from the shop, but the re-delivery has not occurred within six months after we issued the quotation;

·         Changing currency exchange rates, taxation, fuel, freight, ferry, or toll charges impact our costing.

·         If you want, we can manage an emergency schedule to deliver the goods quickly with the support of our dedicated workers.

·         Upon Your request, we will receive or deliver the goods to the mentioned address.

·         As long as Your goods are present at the store and You have asked for access to them or ask for collection;

·         Additionally, we can move extra goods or store them if needed. The following includes (but is not limited to) situations in which the other items, goods, or load uncovered during the collection of Your goods is different from that specified in the quote and was therefore not included, and the charges may be higher.

·         There is an obstruction to the free movement of the goods due to an insufficient entrance or exit, a lack of stairs, lifts, or doorways, or the approach, road, and drive are unsuitable for loading and unloading our vehicles within 20 meters of the doorway.

·         In order to provide services to You, we have to pay parking fees or other charges (including fines if parking restrictions have not been suspended as agreed). As a result of Our negligence, you will not be responsible for any parking fines resulting from illegal parking, as described in this agreement.

·         The resources or time to complete the work are increased or extended due to events out of our control.

·         Performing the service involves paying operational charges, which may be implemented by law at any point and amended by law at any time. Charges such as low-emissions zones (LEZ) and congestion fees may be associated with operational expenses.

All reasonable charges due to the circumstances above will be reimbursed to you.

2. Unquoted work

In the absence of a written agreement from us, we will not:

·         Assemble or disassemble any furniture

·         The act of separating, reconnecting, removing, or reassembling appliances, fixtures, fittings, or equipment

·         Install or remove fitted floor coverings

·         Moving items into or out of a loft unless the loft is appropriately lit, floored, and accessible

·         Items listed under Excluded Items are moved or stored


We do not have the authority or qualifications to carry out this type of work. If You wish to have these services performed separately, we recommend that you employ a person who has the proper qualifications.


3. Your Responsibility

Accordingly, you accept:

·         Give us documents that include the current price of the good we remove or store before work begins. Our liability will be reduced by the amount determined by the value of the goods removed or stored compared to the specified value.

·         If you get all the necessary permits, permissions, papers, and authorizations, the removal will be completed.

·         We incur any extra expenses in connection with our work, such as parking fines or meter suspensions.

·         Present yourself or a support person while the removal is being picked up and delivered.

·         As confirmation of collection or delivery of goods, You must sign inventory sheets, receipts, invoices, worksheets, or other pertinent papers.

·         Ensure nothing is left behind or taken away in error, and take all reasonable steps to prevent anything from being left behind or taking away improperly.

·         You need to ensure that goods left unattended or unoccupied, or in an unoccupied place, or with other people, such as (but not limited to) tenants or workers, are properly protected.

·         Be sure to prepare all appliances or electronic equipment adequately and stabilize them before they are removed.

·         Defrosting and cleaning your refrigerator and deep freezer is essential. We are not responsible if any unwanted issue incurs due to not cleaning them.

·         Clean, dry, and do not leave any residual fluid in laundry machines, dishwashers, hose pipes, and petrol lawnmowers - all household appliances and garden tools.

·         While the removal is in transit and/or being stored, make sure to provide a current and accurate contact number.

·         Ensure that goods are transported, stored, or disposed of appropriately

Unless we have been negligent or have breached our contract, the failure to meet these responsibilities will not leave us responsible for any losses, damages, or extra charges.


4. Our Responsibility

·         We are responsible for delivering uninjured goods or making them available for collection at Your request. The "undamaged" condition means We don't modify or change the product condition while transporting or storing.

·         Our responsibility includes packing the goods or otherwise preparing them for transportation or storing and hand over the products or goods to you without any damage. Again, the "undamaged" condition means We don't modify or change the product condition while transporting or storing.

·         We are responsible for the product damage or loss unless our team members didn't perform their task or neglect their duties as per the contract.

5. Removable And Non-Stable Goods

The following items cannot be removed or stored unless a company director or representative is authorized in writing. In no case will we move or keep it. Such items are:

·         Possibly hazardous, harmful, or combustible things, including gas bottles, sprays, paints, guns, gases, lubricants, and bullets.

·         Ornaments, watches, baubles, gemstones, cash, documents, securities, smartphones, handheld devices and computer technologies, stamps, coins, or similar products.

·         Infested or contaminated goods that may encourage vermin.

·         Health-threatening, unclean, or pest-attracting goods that we believe are hazardous to health. We are neither interested in delivering this type of goods nor are liable to take responsibility for such products.  

·         Spoil-able products or any similar items that need to keep in controlled conditions.

·         Plants, birds, fishes, turtles, reptiles, or any animal.

·         An export or import of goods requiring a special license or approval by the government.

·         We do not move or store drugs, intoxicating substances, or pornographic material.

·         We are not responsible while removing your goods unless we fail to do our duties correctly or breach our agreement.

·         If you want us to receive or deliver any unethical products without our knowledge, we will provide them as you hide the issue from us. But once we discover, we may seek court orders to dispose of any such products found in the shipment if You do not pick them up within a fair time-frame. Any damages, charges, penalties, expenses, or legal costs run up by us during the course of disposal will be charged to you.


6. Ownership Of The Goods

Your signature implies agreement to the following:

·         We consider the goods or products we are going to move or remove are owned by You. Or, free of any legal charge, the goods belong to You.

·         Or, the owner entrusts you with all authority, or participants in this agreement must have a lawful interest in the goods, and it is your responsibility to make sure the owner knows these terms and conditions in advance of negotiating a deal.

·         We must be notified immediately in writing of any changes to the name or address of any person who becomes an interested party following the execution of this agreement.

·         As part of our indemnity agreement, you will fully indemnify Us and pay Us for any damages claims we may incur.

·         You must inform Us in writing if the responsibility of this agreement is to be transferred to another person, mentioning their full name and location. An updated agreement will be sent to them. We will enforce our contract with You until the third party signs their deal.

7. Cancellation or postponement charges

Please be aware that we may charge you a fee if your appointment is postponed or canceled according to the conditions listed below. These fees are assessed according to how much damage we incurred due to you postponing or canceling the removal.

The following are some examples of losses we might incur:

·         Costs associated with administration and back-office operations

·         Failed to re-schedule with another customer in your declined slot

·         Booking removals workers to work for you

Here is our charging policy if you cancel or postpone our services:

·         We don't charge any money if you cancel our service more than ten working days before the date we agreed to move or deliver.

·         We will charge 30% removal fees if you cancel our service between 5 to 10 working days before the date we agreed to move or deliver.

·         We will charge 60% removal fees if you cancel our service less than five working days before the date we agreed to provide move or deliver.

·         We will charge 75% removal fees if you cancel our service before 24 hours.

·         We will charge 100% removal fees if you cancel our service the day we will serve you.

If you paid any advance payment in half or full, we will deduct our charge and return the remaining or claim the remaining amount.

8. Payment

·         Payment must be received in full by our designated bank account when You make the booking for the removal or storage period unless we agree otherwise in writing.

·         You will not get the moving service until the full payment is received except for any mentioned issues.

9. Calculation Of Our Liability For Losses Or Damages

·         If you mentioned the market value of your goods, we are ready to pay a fair price for the lost or damaged goods or products.

·         When your goods are damaged because of Us, we will consider their current conditions and the products' age. We will bear the repair or replacement costs in a certain amount.

·         The loss or damage of a pair or set helps determine the extent of our liability towards You where that cost is determined by a sum equivalent to that item alone, plus the cost of any other items in the pair or set.

·         Depending on our liability to you, we may at our discretion remove an item from salvage if the value exceeds its repair value. If an item can be repaired for a lesser amount than the replacement cost, our maximum liability will be the repair amount given its age and condition.


10. Disclaimers of Liability

·         If your goods are damaged or lost due to fire or explosion, we are not responsible for it unless our negligence causes it or we didn't follow the contract conditions.

·         If the damage or loss occurs due to our negligence or breach of contract, we will consider its value after determining your asset conditions.

11. Claim deadline

Any loss or damage must be reported in writing to us upon collecting the goods by You or Your agent. Otherwise, we are not responsible for it.

12. Transportation Delays

·         As a general rule, we are not responsible for delays in transit unless we neglect or breach the rule of agreement.

·         The goods will be taken into storage in case of inability to deliver. This will be considered an extra service for storing your goods in the warehouse, and you will be charged extra money for that.

·         If any unavoidable circumstances arise, such as government restrictions, our delivery time may delay to a certain extent. Otherwise, we are liable to deliver on time if no such issues happen.

13. Taking Possession of the Goods (Lien)

If the customer does not pay all outstanding charges, the removal company has the right to hold the goods until all special costs have been paid.

If You are unable to make payments under this or any other agreement, we shall be entitled to withhold and eventually dispose of some or all of the goods.

14. Conflicts

If this agreement gives rise to a dispute that cannot be resolved, both parties will solve the issue by taking help from the court.


15. Subcontracting Rights

As part of our full freedom, a portion or all of the work may be subcontracted. Subcontracting will not affect these terms.

16. Route and Method

·         The method and route by which the work will be carried out, and the location where storage will take place, are all within our discretion.

·         Our quotation provides the possibility that other volume/space/capability on Our vehicles and the container will be available for consignments of other customers unless otherwise agreed in writing.

17. International Moving Tips And Information

In order to assist You in importing or exporting Your goods, we will use our best efforts to provide you with current information. Laws and regulations, including national and regional rules and regulations, can change or be interpreted at any time.

Throughout, information is presented honestly and appropriately, taking into account known circumstances. You have liability for determining whether any provided information is accurate by seeking appropriate advice.

18. Applicable law

We agree to comply with Singaporean law and the jurisdiction of the Singapore courts in the event of a disagreement between us. But exemptions are applicable if you are not a Singaporean citizen.

19. Address For Forwarding

You must provide Us with a current and accurate address and phone number, and We will store Your goods according to Your instructions. If you accidentally want us to move the goods to a new address, you must send the latest address while preparing for it.


20. Total Items on the List

We always maintain a record of all the items in a list we move. We also send the list to You so that you can get track your items. If You think we missed out on any items, you need to let us know as early as possible. Failing to notify us will not make us liable if any goods are missing after delivering the items.

21. Termination

This contract will remain in effect if payments are made on time unless we give you three months' written notice. We need a ten-working-day notice if You want to cancel your storage contract. In the case that you have paid your account in full, we will release the goods sooner. Invoices for storage are due by the date on which the notice was supposed to go into effect.