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Temporary storage spacesSingapore- get extra space

If youintend to store chores that you are not using now to moving somewhere quickly,you need temporary storage spaces. Here are some of our services-

Personal storage:

If youneed Temporary storage spaces in Singapore, our personal storage option can beyour best answer. Keeping away your possessions in a safe & protected placegives you the advantage of making a clean & clutter-free home. Also, don'tfrustrate you to miss your dear one & give a place of relaxation &peace.

 Our personal storage enables you to:

o  Letspace perfectly suits your requirements.

o  Youcan stay for as a fortnight, as temporal or even permanently

o  Youwill get full consultations from our staff any matter concerning you

o  Beconfirm your possessions are secure under our security systems

o  Youcan contact me for future needs frequently whenever you want.


Business Storage:

Thisoption is an expenses functional way to run your business in Singapore. If you arelooking for Temporary storage spaces in Singapore for business, AZ Movers &Traders is the right place you come to. What we offer-


o  Guaranteedprofessional service at a reasonable price.

o  Findingextra& temporary space for business storage.

o  Weassist you in running your business continuously.


Moving & storage term:

We aregiving professional mover services and storage solutions in Singapore witheffective, quality, and reasonable solutions. We willmanage the storage area; find out every piece of difficult tasks in anintegrated way. Just make a call or email; we will solve your problems, fulfillyour storage needs. 

Storage service Singapore-self-storage experts:

AZ Movers& Traders are giving the best storage service in Singapore, also givingself-storage solutions. The self-storage option offers clients fast andconvenient storing facilities. Aftereverything packing up, clients only have to book with AZ Movers & Tradersthen the company's team will make the job done. We includeboth pick-up and delivery with our storage service, so our clients can movewithout worry regarding driving out to finish the job.

When theterm of self-storage service in Singapore comes, please prefer AZ Movers &Traders as the super convenient and hassle-free solution.

What we give?

o  Easybooking & storage

o  Protectedstorage areas.

o  Personalstorage (Renovation, Relocation, Moving, Collection)

o  Businessstorage (Inventory, Archived Documents)

o  Bothnon-air conditioned & Air-conditioned storage rental

o  Officerental space

o  Eventspace

o  Sharedworkspace.

Cheapest storage spaceSingapore near you:

If youneed fresh space in your nasty room, want the cheapest storage space providercompany with a secure place. Here we are introducing AZ Movers & Traders,the cheapest storage space provider in Singapore near you! InSingapore, there is a land and space scarcity; getting enough space to storeall of your belongings is challenging now. But with the help of storagecompanies throughout Singapore, our space scarcity problem may solve. Don'tworry; you can rely on us to get the cheap storage space in Singapore to storeyour possession safely. Whenever you want quickly you can access yourpossession.

Pricing factors:

Actually,it is pretty impossible to comparison prices depending on unit quantity. Weprice our storage units based on the following matter:

o  Location(clustered areas are more costly)

o  sizeof Storage unit (basically an ample size space have to pay lower unit costs)

o  Durationcontract (temporary duration are more expensive)

o  Sortsof storage unit (non-air con, air con)

o  Conditionof the storage unit.

Tosimplify our research work and maintain a standard as possible, we alwayscompare the above variables to determine storage space prices.

How much we charge for Storage Space:

Basically,in Singapore, the renting expense of a storage space ranges from $3.50-$5.00PSF per month for that the storage units should be below 200 sqft, and$2.80-$4.00 PSF per month for 200 to 400 sqft storage units.

Here weenquired our price of storage space with, current running promotions (if any):

o  CheapestPrice of Spaceship Storage: $1285.60 for six months.

o  RunningMonthly PSF: $3.21 per sqft

o  StorageSpace: 50 sqft

o  PricingBreakdown :

Storage units Singapore-how much it costs:

The reasonfor renting a storage space may vary for a different person. Whatever you aremoving to your latest home or taking extra space for your business, you must besure about the cost. Whiletaking a storage unit Singapore, you have to think if the rental costs fit withyour pocket. In Singapore, the storage unit's weekly rental price limits from$50 to $500. Another hand, the prices may vary depending on the storagefacility has different rental processes storage facility.  Whilefixing the cost of a storage unit, have a look into factors in the below:

Storage unit's size:

It's aubiquitous fact that the rental price depends on the unit size; if the unit islarge, the price will high. But it will not be wise to pick large units all thetime.

Reviewthe point in the items which should to be kept inside.

o  Createyour items inventory first before selecting a storage space; this will save youmoney.

o  Analyzeyour storage units, visualize if your items will fit in.

o  Youcan check out our website or make a personal visit to our store, see thefacilities.

o  Usually,we offer information or photos.

o  Wewill make sure how many furniture or boxes can set into a specific unit size.

o  Werealize our consumer's pain points, so give free size estimation.

o  Ourstorage experts will give you an estimation quote relying on the item of thestore.

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