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Temporary storage spaces Singapore- get extra space

If you intend to store chores that you are not using now to moving somewhere quickly, you need temporary storage spaces. Here are some of our services-

Personal storage:

If you need Temporary storage spaces in Singapore, our personal storage option can be your best answer. Keeping away your possessions in a safe & protected place gives you the advantage of making a clean & clutter-free home. Also, don't frustrate you to miss your dear one & give a place of relaxation & peace.

 Our personal storage enables you to:

o   Let space perfectly suits your requirements.

o   You can stay for as a fortnight, as temporal or even permanently

o   You will get full consultations from our staff any matter concerning you

o   Be confirm your possessions are secure under our security systems

o   You can contact me for future needs frequently whenever you want.


Business Storage:

This option is an expenses functional way to run your business in Singapore. If you are looking for Temporary storage spaces in Singapore for business, AZ Movers & Traders is the right place you come to. What we offer-


o   Guaranteed professional service at a reasonable price.

o   Finding extra& temporary space for business storage.

o   We assist you in running your business continuously.


Moving & storage term:

We are giving professional mover services and storage solutions in Singapore with effective, quality, and reasonable solutions. We will manage the storage area; find out every piece of difficult tasks in an integrated way. Just make a call or email; we will solve your problems, fulfill your storage needs. 

Storage service Singapore- self-storage experts:

AZ Movers & Traders are giving the best storage service in Singapore, also giving self-storage solutions. The self-storage option offers clients fast and convenient storing facilities. After everything packing up, clients only have to book with AZ Movers & Traders then the company's team will make the job done. We include both pick-up and delivery with our storage service, so our clients can move without worry regarding driving out to finish the job.

When the term of self-storage service in Singapore comes, please prefer AZ Movers & Traders as the super convenient and hassle-free solution.

What we give?

o   Easy booking & storage

o   Protected storage areas.

o   Personal storage (Renovation, Relocation, Moving, Collection)

o   Business storage (Inventory, Archived Documents)

o   Both non-air conditioned & Air-conditioned storage rental

o   Office rental space

o   Event space

o   Shared workspace.

Cheapest storage space Singapore near you:

If you need fresh space in your nasty room, want the cheapest storage space provider company with a secure place. Here we are introducing AZ Movers & Traders, the cheapest storage space provider in Singapore near you! In Singapore, there is a land and space scarcity; getting enough space to store all of your belongings is challenging now. But with the help of storage companies throughout Singapore, our space scarcity problem may solve. Don't worry; you can rely on us to get the cheap storage space in Singapore to store your possession safely. Whenever you want quickly you can access your possession.

Pricing factors:

Actually, it is pretty impossible to comparison prices depending on unit quantity. We price our storage units based on the following matter:

o   Location (clustered areas are more costly)

o   size of Storage unit (basically an ample size space have to pay lower unit costs)

o   Duration contract (temporary duration are more expensive)

o   Sorts of storage unit (non-air con, air con)

o   Condition of the storage unit.

To simplify our research work and maintain a standard as possible, we always compare the above variables to determine storage space prices.

How much we charge for Storage Space:

Basically, in Singapore, the renting expense of a storage space ranges from $3.50-$5.00 PSF per month for that the storage units should be below 200 sqft, and $2.80-$4.00 PSF per month for 200 to 400 sqft storage units.

Here we enquired our price of storage space with, current running promotions (if any):

o   Cheapest Price of Spaceship Storage: $1285.60 for six months.

o   Running Monthly PSF: $3.21 per sqft

o   Storage Space: 50 sqft

o   Pricing Breakdown :

Storage units Singapore- how much it costs:

The reason for renting a storage space may vary for a different person. Whatever you are moving to your latest home or taking extra space for your business, you must be sure about the cost. While taking a storage unit Singapore, you have to think if the rental costs fit with your pocket. In Singapore, the storage unit's weekly rental price limits from $50 to $500. Another hand, the prices may vary depending on the storage facility has different rental processes storage facility.  While fixing the cost of a storage unit, have a look into factors in the below:

Storage unit's size:

It's a ubiquitous fact that the rental price depends on the unit size; if the unit is large, the price will high. But it will not be wise to pick large units all the time.

Review the point in the items which should to be kept inside.

o   Create your items inventory first before selecting a storage space; this will save you money.

o   Analyze your storage units, visualize if your items will fit in.

o   You can check out our website or make a personal visit to our store, see the facilities.

o   Usually, we offer information or photos.

o   We will make sure how many furniture or boxes can set into a specific unit size.

o   We realize our consumer's pain points, so give free size estimation.

o   Our storage experts will give you an estimation quote relying on the item of the store.

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