Get The Most Reliable Piano Movers Services In Singapore

Get The Most Reliable Piano Movers Services In Singapore

AZ Movers is always committed to providing the finestquality moving services inSingapore. We treat your every valuable item professionally, and ourprofessional team has the required skills to move them ideally as per yourneed.

Moving a piano doesn't appear an easy-peasy job. You need tofollow a complete procedure step-by-step to move them from your currentlocation new location. AZ Movers is one of the renowned piano movers in Singapore. We follow our sophisticated techniques to move pianos safelyand quickly. Additionally, we have both expert piano movers and advanced equipment to make thepiano task smooth and hassle-free.

AZ Movers— Professional Piano Movers Singapore

You may not have a successful piano relocation experience unless you hire professional piano moversSingapore. Different types of risks are associated with the piano'smoving, such as scratching the surface or even breaking the piano legs.

That's why taking a professional piano relocation service is thebest solution. You won't have to worry about damaging the musical instrumentwhile moving them smoothly and quickly. AZ Movers has a unique team who only does the job of movingpianos. It means you will get the best service from the best workers.Additionally, our Singapore house movers are trained adequately to handle alltypes and various sizes of pianos.

Piano Disposal

Many old pianos include high-quality woods that you canutilize for other purposes. Apart from that, they feature metal parts, castiron plates, and ivories, which you could sell. Thinking of disposal your old piano? AZ Movers can performthe task of disposing of your piano in your desired place. We will do iteffectively.

Piano Relocation

Moving a piano from one area to another requires you to takesome preparation. Complete the task before hiring professional piano movers is a rule ofthumb. It will save from facing unnecessary hassles while making the movingtask faster for pianomovers.

Efficient Piano MovingService Singapore

The way aprofessional piano mover moves your piano up and down in the staircase won't beas exact as typical people do. It requires a lot of practice to master thepiano moving techniques with several years of experience.

Piano Storage

Are you looking for a convenient space to store your pianotemporarily? In such a scenario, AZ Movers is a reliable name to safely keepyour things as long as you want in our personally owned warehouse. We have all the facilities to store various types of pianofrom most minor to the largest one. Whether you own Grand, Upright, andElectronic piano, our experts can keep them safely in our warehouse.

How do Our Piano Moving Services work?

We aim to help our customers with the most cost-effective approachpossible. Whether for piano moving or any other movingservices in Singapore, we thrive for the best.

Step 1 —Do a Free Quotation

We have developed a customer-friendly platform on ourwebsite for a hassle-free quotation. You just include the type of piano youhave; it's some latest pictures and the dimensions of it. If you think anyextra information would benefit both parties, please include them too. After receiving the information on our website, we will tryto contact you at your mentioned email address or phone number.

Step 2 —Preparation for Moving 

Our dedicated team will contact you. They may ask for someextra information to make everything straightforward. After that, we will send an expert team to check out yourpiano. They will observe the piano to suggest to you the best way to move it. Usingthe dimensions of the room, the stairs, and the door, we ensure the piano willarrive in its new home without any obstructions. In addition, they will mentionthe total cost you will incur for the whole moving journey.

Once you agree to move your piano with the help of AZ Piano Movers, we will gofor paperwork and request you sign on paper. Our team will plan how they willmove the piano from your current house to the new house. Also, they willmention the moving date. We are always committed to moving your items on the promisedat the right time. But some unavoidable circumstances may arise, which we don'thave any control over.

Step 3 —Moving the Piano

Our piano movers will come to your house and pack theinstrument carefully to ensure maximum safety on the mentioned day. We will go for extra packing for some piano parts, whichseem delicate and prone to damage. Then, our experienced workers will carry them to ourpersonally owned vehicle. You don't have to worry as they know the correcttechnique on how to load the piano on the vehicle. Afterward, we will take transport the piano to yourmentioned location. We will assist you until you set them up in your new room.


It is common for most pianos no lose the pre-set tune aftermoving it to the new location. Our expert team will retune your musicalinstrument the same as before. You will get the perfect tune you want.

Insurance Coverage for Piano Moving

Though we have a record of 99% successful piano moving, eachpiano is covered by insurance. Hence, if your piano gets damaged or brokenunwillingly while moving it, we will take care of all the costs for repairingor replacing any parts of the piano. We make sure everything is the same asbefore, like the way you will hand it over to us.

Extra Protection for Piano Moving

We will use thick paddling to wrap all the parts of the piano.Also, plastic shrink wrap will be used outside the paddling. While carrying thepiano in our vehicle, we use a specialized fastener for enhanced pianoprotection.

Since our vehicle includes a completely covered cabin,outside weather won't cause any problem for the piano. You have no reason toworry about dropping the piano. Our specialized experts will handle it mostsafely.

What do Our Customers Say?

"I was looking for a reliablepiano movingservice Singaporethen, I found AZ Movers, which wasrecommended by a piano shop owner. I knew their services would be good since Itrusted the piano shop owner. In fact, AZ  Piano Movers will exceed my expectations. They have shownprofessionalism and dedication in their work. I didn't have to do anything butwatching them." 

"I have truly satisfied with quality moving services.Their Piano movers Singapore price seems reasonablethough the service was top-notch. Their team was so friendly. They have helpedfrom the fast to last. They arrived at the promised time, packaged the pianowith their quality packaging materials, and safely transported it to my newlocation. I will hire them again surely."

"I was looking for affordable Singapore Movers Company, and my friend suggestedAZ Movers. Their moving service was pretty good. The way they handled movingthe piano really amazed me. They didn't even give me any chance to complain;everything was perfect. I especially loved their packaging materials to provideextreme protection."

We Do What Our Competitors Can't Do

Whenit comes to piano moving, AZ Piano Movers is the best among the best. Moving pianos is what wedo best. Pianos can be sentimental and expensive, and you might be attached toyour piano because it holds so many memories for you. Our experienced team willrelocate your piano with preciseness and protection.

To protect the edges of the piano, we will cover all theedges with high-quality wrapping materials. AZ Piano Movers ensures that they have enough workforce,equipment, and tools to protect the sensitive musical instrument during themove. Whether you have the latest piano or the old vintage piano,our highly skilled movers will take care of the mechanical lock of the piano especially.We will ensure your piano is as functional as you have handed over to us.

Tailgate Technology

Very few Singaporemovers company use Tailgate Technology. We use this remarkable technologyfor fast and efficient piano moving. Using this technology ensures morehassle-free piano while ensuring maximum safety. Unorder to utilize the Tailgate Technology, a hydrauliclift is attached to the back area of the vehicle. You've never moved your pianoso easily!

Affordable PianoMovers Singapore Price

Getting our high-quality services doesn't require youdigging into your bank account. Regardless of the service, AZ Piano Movers can work as Singaporemovers cheap always to provide you with the best possible price.

Piano moving involves several factors at once, all of whichcontribute to its overall cost:

The weight and size of the musical instrument

Type of piano you own

The schedule you select for moving

How challenging it is to move your piano in yournew location

How long the distance

We will consider these crucial points we want to get ourservices as piano moversin Singapore. No matter if you need someone to move your Yamaha piano from JBto KL or you're moving in from Singapore, we can bring you a good deal.

Piano Moving On-time

We always try to maintain the promised schedule to move yourpiano as Singapore movers cheap. If any emergency arises from your side, wewill try our best to help you if we are free. However, if weather or activityconditions create limitations or delays on diverse assignments, we appreciateyour understanding.

Why Would You Need Professional Piano Movers?

Can you lift a thousand-pound musical instrument of your own?Surely not! However, there are other reasons why you should hire AZ Piano Movers.

Extreme Protection

Pianos are expensive items. You are not someone who willdamage this fancy item just to save few dollars. Hiring professional piano movers like AZ Piano Movers gives you aguarantee of safe moving. A safe move is guaranteed with all the tools,equipment, and other items we have on hand.


Transportation is another crucial point you want to considerfor moving piano safely. Don't think you have done it once you packed the pianoproperly. It is one step of the procedure. We at AZ Movers have the suitable transportation to moveyour piano safely to your destination. Most importantly, we offer the most completivepricing than other pianomovers in the industry.

Time And Money Saver

Hiring professional piano movers to mean you save time and money. Inthe end, you will spend more money if you want to manage everything byyourself. After all, hiring several services will be necessary.However, AZ Piano Movers own everything that you will need first to the end.Our professional team will inspect the kind of piano moving services you willneed and suggest the best affordable piano moving service Singapore.

We Do Everything for Piano Moving

Getting MovingServices in Singapore from a reliable company like AZ Movers means youare out of stress. You just relax and see how skillfully our experienced do themoving task for you. Providing smooth and successful moving experiences is ourgoal with Operation Excellence. We will take ofeverything to prepare the moving task before the moving day. Whether you aremoving to a new home or booking a concert/event, we can deliver your piano withtotal confidence.

Let AZ Piano MoversHandle Your Piano Moving

Leaving certain things to those who are the best at them isa good thing in life. Even with the help of a few other people, you might feelas if you can move the piano on your own. Realistically, this is one of theriskiest jobs around. The most important thing is your health! That being said, upon booking our moving services, we ensurethat we handle the entire process. You don't need to worry about anything. Relyingon us is a great decision to handle your piano moving anywhere in Singapore.

We are professional in moving pianos on roads. Our goal isto take the most outstanding care possible of your prized musical instrumentthroughout the transit process. We also work as Singaporehouse movers. Reach us for anything you need!